Portal to the application login

Click here to go to the application login page to access your application account.

If you have no account yet the login page will lead you to the pages where you can create your account.

Keep your account up to date !!

Arrival and departure date must be correct!

The information in your application account is permanently visible by TIHMS. Update your account when you want to change information or add new information. In particular:

  • When you are accepted by us for participation in the Summer Academy, take utmost care to keep the information on arival and departure updated. The guest family assignment is automated, and based on this. Arrival info is also important for transport (from airport to host family or tihms reception-desk).
  • Any important changes, e.g. repertoire, change them (if allowed) into your account!
  • Remove remarks that are no longer valid. Remove questions in remarks that have been answered.
  • Use the appropriate fields for remarks. This is clearly indicated. Why so? Different tihms-assistants have different tasks, and only see the the fields and remarks that are relevant to them.
  • If you abort your application or cancel a committed application, use your account to do so.
  • Thank you !!

Use your existing account

Existing accounts that were used in 2014 or later (used means: you logged in), are still in the database. We ask you to use your account that already exists. You can login with the e-mail address and password you used before. Do you have another e-mail address? You can log in with your old e-mailaddress and change it within your account.
Accounts from participants who were accepted in 2013 are also still there.

No account?

From the application login screen you are able to create your application account.

Forgot password? The login screen has options to renew your password. Conditions are: you have access to e-mail address and you know your secret answer.

You have another e-mail address? You can login with the old one, and renew the e-mail address within your account. Conditions are: you know your password and your secret answer.

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