Summer Academy 2018

The Summer Academy 2018, a three-week period, will be held in August 2018. There will be concerts in the week before and the week after that period. The information below as well as the information on the other Summer Academy pages refers to 2017. It gives you the opportunity to see what 2018 will be like.



TIHMS Summer Academy 2017


The Summer Academy and Festival forms the core of The International Holland Music Sessions. Over a hundred concerts, in which the active participants perform are combined with lessons and masterclasses by a renowned faculty of teachers from important musical institutes all over the world. The lessons takes place each summer during a period of three weeks. The Festival period has the adjacent weeks before and after and is five weeks.

CHANGES in 2017

We also offer in 2017:
• A photo-shoot for free publicity material.
• Coaching in the field of career planning and cultural entrepreneurship by young and experienced collegues.
• Coaching on audience communication and all aspects of getting the audience attention.
• Coaching on stage presentation, clothing advice etc.
• Video/audio registration of concerts on specific locations.


We organise not only the 'classical' concerts, but also open air concerts for a new audience, pop-up performances on surprising locations and preview concerts in non-typical concert locations. We aim at more variety in the regular concerts. Participants should be familiar with different formats, also in their own interest considering the audience of today versus career opportunities.
This of course does not exclude the traditional classical repertoire; we like to see the performances as a whole more exciting, broader in styles, more attention for modern music, not only the modern classical composers but also neo-classical, minimal music, pop and jazz inspired etc.

We would like in the program a (short) piece written after, say, 1980 of a (native?) composer, inviting the audience to get acquainted with contemporary music.

For pianists there is the option to perform the cycle 'We Once Lived Here' composed by Joey Roukens (duration approx. 25 minutes). Sheet music is available.

Suggestions for interesting adventurous programs, solo or with collegues, are welcome. 


PDF Website-SocialMedia-tips-for-musicians

The webmaster has written a document with tips for musicians facing the internet, own websites and social media.
(August 10, 2017)
View/download this pdf


Online application for the SA 2017 has started on January 7, 2017. Click Application login in the menu.


The application deadline for the Summer Academy 2017 has passed.


Solo program for:
• Violin
• Cello
• Piano

Internationally renowned musicians and pedagogues will give individual lessons and public master classes (free choice of repertoire).

Each solo class will consist of a maximum of 15 active participants.
Participants may use studios and pianos free of charge depending on availability. The system of daily reservation will be explained at arrival. We try to lodge piano participants with host families with an instrument to be used for practising.


Week 1: Sunday August 6 - Sunday August 13, 2017
Week 2: Sunday August 13 - Sunday August 20, 2017
Week 3: Sunday August 20 - Sunday August 27, 2017

Please note, the Sundays are arrival-departure days. The lesson schedule you have to deal with within a week is from Monday until and including Saturday.

Week 1: Ulf Schneider
Week 2: Krzysztof Wegrzyn
Week 3: Pierre Amoyal

Week 1: Reinhard Latzko
Week 2: Lluis Claret
Week 3: Maria de Macedo

Week 1: Boris Berman, Mikhail Voskresensky
Week 2: Claudio Martínez Mehner, Balázs Szokolay
Week 3: Pavel Gililov, Jacques Rouvier

In a summer-academy week you work with only one faculty member, in which we will try to honor your faculty member preference.


• Individual lessons (not public) and public master classes
• In general the schedule is Monday - Saturday, 10.00 - 17.00 hours with a lunch approximately between 12.30 and 14.00 hours. Some faculty members start at 09.00 hours, others also work in the evening.


The International Holland Music Sessions has concentrated most of the venues for the lessons, master classes and concerts right in the centre of the beautiful historic village of Bergen NH, situated only a short distance from the North Sea beaches.

Lessons and master classes will be given at the Berger Scholengemeenschap, a comfortable and modern High School on the edge of the woods of Bergen NH. This will also be the location were lunches will be provided for all participants.

Dinner will be provided in the Parkhotel in Bergen NH. (Note 2017: The Park Hotel is being restored and will not be available in 2017; we are looking for alternatives.)

Concerts will take place at the Ruïnekerk, while public master classes will be given at the Remonstrantse Kerk, Alkmaar.

As the organisation provides all participants with bed and breakfast at the host family without extra charge, the Summer Academy offers therefore a complete package of lessons, master classes, housing and meals included in the total fee.

Host families are friends of THIMS who voluntarily offer their hospitality to the participants. Lunch and dinner is provided from Monday till Saturday and on Sunday it can be shared with the host family.


The Summer Academy takes place in Bergen NH and Alkmaar (nearby city), in the region Noord-Holland in the Netherlands.

• Ruïnekerk Bergen NH
• Berger Scholengemeenschap
• Remonstrantse Kerk Alkmaar


Each active participant during the Summer Academy will perform at one of the following locations:

• Bergen NH: Ruïnekerk
• Alkmaar: Remonstrantse Kerk

Also, there are extra concert opportunities in various places in the region Noord-Holland: Oosterland, Enkhuizen, Haarlem, Heiloo, Muiden, Texel, Schagen, Schermerhorn, Schoorl etc.

Full recital programs will be shared, with a maximum of two performers per concert. Concert performances are a factor in the selection procedure for the upcoming International Concert Season (New Masters on Tour).
Concerts take place almost every day and evening during the Summer Academy period.


All detailed information about application, fees, audition requirements, deadlines etc. can be found on the page application and fees in this Summer Academy Section of the website.

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