Careers in the making

Since 1988 lessons and master classes in combination with stage experience form the core of The International Holland Music Sessions (TIHMS).
During the Summer Academy a new generation of soloists is intensively supervised and coached by internationally renowned musicians and pedagogues. The classes, together with the public concerts taking place during the Summer Academy, may be the first step toward an invitation to perform in prestigious concert halls in the Netherlands as well as around the world.

Application Summer Academy 2017 has started

The application has started January 7, 2017. All information you need to know about participation in the Summer Academy 2017 is available for you.
On 22-2-2017 we added Claudio Martínez Mehner and Jacques Rouvier to the piano faculty. The faculty is complete now for all instruments.
See Summer Academy.

New Masters on Tour 2016-2017

During the concert season 2016-2017 we again offer our new New Masters on Tour series with five concerts. These concerts will take place in Amsterdam (Concertgebouw) and will be repeated in Zwolle (Schouwburg Odeon), as well in Den Hoorn on the isle Texel.
We selected great young musicians for you again!
See concerts or refer to our agenda.

Finalists Queen Elizabeth Competition 2016

Henry Kramer We are proud of Henry Kramer and Alexander Beyer, winners of the second and third prize in the most important piano competition in Europe, the Queen Elizabeth Competition (Brussels, Belgium). Henry Kramer participated in our New Masters on Tour concerts in 2012. Alexander Beyer will perform in our upcoming New Masters on Tour season, click here for details about that concert. Alexander took part in our masterclasses in 2015 with Professor Andreas Frölich.

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tihms musiciansSummer Academy 2017

"TIHMS, one of the finest musical courses in the world"

August 6 until August 27, 2017

Are you a musician? Playing the piano, the violin or the cello? Are you talented?

Do you think you can match with the musicians, shown on our facebook page in video? Do you have high aspirations, and do you realize that international experience abroad, in teaching and in performing, will increase your chances in that beautiful but alltogether difficult world of music performance?

Next to that, do you know that, due to the formula we chose: staying in a friendly host-family during the course, enjoying the meals and teaching-experiences together with musical soul mates, and the benefit of teachers that are far beyond 'good', the International Holland Music Sessions is an experience you will never forget?

It may give a boost to a future career, provide you with lots of musical experiences that formes a base also in later years, later competitions and later concerts. You will perform in one of our many Summer Concerts, or even more than one. If you are really talented, you may be the one playing in one of the finest music halls in the world: The Concertgebouw Amsterdam. We scout talent, our international faculty will scout your talent.

It's worth it! Application for the International Holland Music Summer Academy 2017 started January 7, 2017. You are welcome! Details are to be found in Summer Academy.

Over a hundred concerts and masterclasses

A large number of concerts are planned in the summer period of 2017 in which young musicians from all over the world will perform. The centre of the concerts is Bergen NH (Ruïnekerk) and Alkmaar (Remonstrantse Kerk), but concerts are organised in various other cities in the Netherlands.

Masterclasses take place in the afternoon in the Remonstrantse Kerk in Alkmaar. This gives you the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the education, or coaching, of young talented musicians by a world famous faculty, often prominent musicians on the concert stage themselves.

All details will be available in concerts.

Check out our introduction video!

Upcoming events

Below you see the first upcoming TIHMS concert. Please refer to our agenda for all events.

Zondag 19 maart 2017 12:00 uurTaqaTheater De Vest - Alkmaar
KOFFIECONCERT - Hoogtepunten voor pianotrio
Ludus Trio (Rusland)
Anna Dmitrieva (viool), Yaroslav Georgiev (cello), Mane Davtyan (piano)

Pianotrio's van Beethoven en Dvorák

Het pianotrio, dat bij Haydn in zwang kwam, bloeide volledig op onder de handen van Beethoven. Zijn laatste pianotrio’s uit 1809 werden een voorbeeld voor latere componisten zoals Antonin Dvorák. Het Ludus Trio brengt nu twee trio’s van Beethoven en Dvorák bijeen. Het nog jonge ensemble ontstond aan het Conservatorium van Sint-Petersburg. Zij werden geëerd met de ‘hoogste onderscheiding’ en besloten onder de naam Ludus Trio verder te gaan. Sindsdien heeft het drietal in hoog tempo het pianotrio-repertoire veroverd en maakt het gezelschap internationaal furore.
Dit concert is geprogrammeerd i.s.m. The International Holland Music Sessions.
Ludus Trio Photographer Elena Vasilchenko
Ludus Trio Photographer Elena Vasilchenko
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