25 years TIHMS

Since 1988 lessons and master classes in combination with stage experience form the core of The International Holland Music Sessions (TIHMS).
During the Summer Academy a new generation of soloists is intensively supervised and coached by internationally renowned musicians and pedagogues. The classes, together with the public concerts taking place during the Summer Academy, may be the first step toward an invitation to perform in prestigious concert halls in the Netherlands as well as around the world.

New Masters on Tour 2015-2016

During the concert season 2015-2016 we offer our new New Masters on Tour series with five concerts. These concerts will take place in Amsterdam (Concertgebouw) and will be repeated in Zwolle (Schouwburg Odeon).
We selected great young musicians for you again!
See concerts or refer to our agenda.

Summer Academy on social media

A special Social Media team coördinates the messaging on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Everyone, concert visitors, participants, is invited to share news, enthusiasm and information! You will find reports with text, photo and video.

TIHMS on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter!

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New page

An overview of all participants 2014, with a short bio and (sometimes) a photo. The language is Dutch. To see the page, click here.

Summer Academy 2015

Are you the artist performing in one of our 116 summer concerts?

Then sign up for participation! See Summer Academy.

Summer Academy 2015: Sunday July 19 until Saturday August 8, 2015, a period of three weeks.
Where? Bergen NH in The Netherlands.

Concerts will also take place before, and after this period (July 12- August 15).

Paul Katz

The international faculty 2015:

Week 1: Krzysztof Wegrzyn
Week 2: Ulf Schneider
Week 3: Krzysztof Smietana

Week 1: Reinhard Latzko
Week 2: Paul Katz (in photo on the right)
Week 3: Lluís Claret

Week 1: Jacques Rouvier, Teppo Koivisto
Week 2: Boris Berman, Mikhail Voskresensky
Week 3: Ewa Kupiec, Andreas Frölich

Faculty details can be found here. The application for the Summer Academy 2015 is still open, but do not wait too long to commit your application!

116 summer concerts (and masterclasses) in 18 venues

A large number of concerts are planned in the summer period in which young musicians from all over the world will perform. The centre of the concerts is Bergen NH (Ruïnekerk) and Alkmaar (Remonstrantse Kerk), but concerts are organised in various other cities in the Netherlands.

Masterclasses take place in the afternoon in the Remonstrantse Kerk in Alkmaar. This gives you the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the education, or coaching, of young talented musicians by a world famous faculty, often prominent musicians on the concert stage themselves.

Participate in the Summer Academy?

Students/musicians who want to participate will find all information on our Summer Academy pages.

Upcoming events

Below you see the first upcoming TIHMS concert. Please refer to our agenda for all events.

Zondag 12 juli 2015 15:00 uurCultuurkoepel Heiloo
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